We strive to create a world liberated from oppression in all its shapes.

- Ira X Armstrong

Ira X Armstrong (FKA Nanci Ira Armstrong-Temple), is a Freedom Fighter, Social Entrepreneur and Educator.

BA in Educational Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley, Ira has been a teacher of peace, performance arts and freedom for over 30 years; is an infrastructure specialist who helps create outdoor education settings as well as shut down bridges, freeways, and government buildings to stop the machine from running over the people, as needed;

Ira consults with political campaigns as well as with ally and accomplice organizations in technology, finance and education in order to create safe spaces for trans, queer, Black and poor folks.

Ira is a founder at PEACE Out Loud, a queer, Black, Brown and poor people led Social Permaculture enterprise in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they are dedicated to Self Determination, Outdoor and Freedom Education, and building Consent Culture.

Ira is also part of a coalition of folks building to end rape culter in the next 30 years.

  • Resisting the Logic of Dominance in Our Police Forces

  • PEACE Out Loud

    Peace, Education, Arts & Creation for Everyone.

  • Anti-Racism 101: From Allies To Accomplices Workshop

    Out Loud is dedicated to obliterating all forms of oppression. We offer courses for people dedicated to anti-racism across a spectrum of specific nuanced conversations.